Pharmacy Practice Advanced Learning Series - Module 10, on 04 - 06 Nov 2016

A 3-day long learning session entitled- Pharmacy Practice Advance Learning Series- Module 10 with a focus on “Oncology 2 Hematology, Blood cancers” was jointly organized by Pharmacy Council of India and Indian Association of Colleges of Pharmacy from 4th-6th November, 2016. The event was held at the Grand Magrath Hotel in Bangalore and staffs and 17 students from Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy attended it along with delegates from several other pharmacy colleges in India.

The main aim of the module was to train the staff and students from its member colleges in oncology related treatment issues and also aid in bringing them together for expression and exchange of ideas and knowledge. The advanced learning series were conceived with the vision for understanding and providing Quality Pharmacy Practice. This module was preceded successfully by nine such modules, which have been hugely appreciated and repeated in various parts of the country on request from the Pharm D students and faculty.

The inaugural function started with the invocation of Gods and traditional lamp lighting ceremony. Some of the dignitaries present were Chief Guest Dr. B. Suresh, President, Pharmacy Council of India and Vice-Chancellor, JSS University, Mysore ;Prof. K. Chinnaswamy, President , IACP ; Dr. Vadlamudi Rao, President IPA; Dr. Krishna Kumar , International coordinator as well as one of the speaker along with the principals from the local organizing committee. The inaugural function ended with vote of thanks and national anthem.

After a short tea break, the formal sessions started and the first speaker for the day was Dr. Krishna Kumar who is professor of Bio pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics at the College of Pharmacy, Howard University, Washington DC, USA. He spoke about the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of various Chemotherapeutic Agents and the importance of Medication Therapy Management. It was an interactive session with lots of queries from the students’ side which were satisfactorily dealt with by the professor. The session was divided in pre and post lunch phase.

Day 2 of the module started with greetings by the organizers with sumptuous breakfast for the participants followed by the first session of the day about Malignant Hematology with emphasis on treatment of different lymphomas. Dr. Sussane Liewer, Associate Professor in Department of Pharmacy Practice at University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy took charge of this session and kept all the attendees of the session on their toes with her very interactive and informative session. Post Lunch, Dr. Keith Hecht, Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, School of Pharmacy (SIUE) talked in detail about Acute Leukemia and kept the students waiting eagerly for the commencement of the third day where he would cover on Chronic Leukemia. The day was fruitful and the sessions were all the more interactive and attention grasping for the delegates.

The 3rd day was divided into three parts. With Chronic Leukemias and stem Cell transplant being the topics of the day dealt by Dr. Keith and Dr. Sussane, respectively in two different sessions, Valedictory function was organized post lunch wherein the speakers were felicitated and the students also got an opportunity to have open interaction with all the dignitaries including Prof. B.Suresh where they got to raise questions about the various doubts that they had pertaining to the future of Pharm D. and each student was answered to satisfaction by the concerned person during the discussion. The event culminated with distribution of Certificate of Participation to the delegates and formal and informal photo sessions.

To summarize, the three days were one of the most productive days and enormous learning experience for the students and they definitely look forward to the many more modules that will be organized by the committee in future.