Indian Congress Of Pharmacy Practice 2020 &
4th IACP Convention


Greetings from IACP!

The world we live has changed significantly in the last few months and so have we. The knowledge, skills, and attributes with which we were contended with, had to be redefined to enable us to move forward in our lives in these unprecedented times.

The Fourth IACP convention that was scheduled in April 2020 at Ooty had to be cancelled to make sure that both the speakers and participating delegates are safe and avoid the risk of being affected by the pandemic. We hoped to still have an in-person meeting but looks unlikely in the foreseeable future and hence the leadership at the IACP has decided to organise the Convention Virtually and be able to support thousands of practicing pharmacists to benefit from listening to eminent experts from around the world and advance their knowledge and skills.

Now, the ‘Indian Congress of Pharmacy Practice 2020 and the 4th IACP convention’ is scheduled as an ONLINE CONFERENCE on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd August 2020 with the theme ‘Pharmacy Practice and Beyond’.

The Indian Congress of Pharmacy Practice 2020 & 4th IACP Convention aims at advancing pharmacy practice & education and look ‘Beyond’ the traditional approaches and create new opportunities and pathways that will pave way for an ‘Action Plan’ that is dedicated to four domains of action

  • Pharmacoacademics - Strengthening academic and Institutional capacity
  • Careers and beyond - Employment embedded education
  • Emergence of a specialist pharmacists - Education & Competencies
  • Strategic Plan - A vision for pharmacy practice profession and education

We are looking forward to meet you all to Make “The Indian Congress of Pharmacy Practice 2020 & 4th IACP Convention” a great success Indian association of Colleges of Pharmacy

Yours Sincerely,
IACP Organizing Committee

Registration Fee- Rs. 1,000/- Inclusive of GST