Eligibility Criteria
  • Only registered participants of convention are eligible to participate, if not registered - Register Now
  • Pharm.D - 4th to 6th Year
  • M.Pharm
  • 4th Year B.Pharm
  • Individual participation - no team parcipation
Topics for presentation
  • Medication Therapy Management: Role of Clinical Pharmacist
  • Optimizing Patient Care through Clinical Pharmacist Intervention
  • Pharmacy Practice Education
  • Community Pharmacy and Public Health
  • Outcome Research / Quality of Life Studies
Simulated Case Presentation rules
  • Presentation to be made using only power point slides with/without animations
  • Maximum no of Slides - 15 (Including title & reference slide)
  • Slides should be numbered at the boom right side corner of the slides
  • The video of the parcipant who explains the case should be there during their presentation which should run at the corner of the screen without affecting the readability of the slides
  • Appropriate acknowledgements for source of information should be mentioned in the presentation
  • Duration of Presentation - should not exceed 10 minutes
  • The identy (affiliation including name of the institution or organization, place) of the parcipant except their name should not be mentioned in any part of the presentation.
  • Any presentation found copied or any author issue shall be disqualified.
Evaluation Criteria

    Evaluation will be carried out based on:

  • Content
  • Simualtion used in slides
  • Novelty
  • Clarity of presentation
Deadline & Requirement for Submission
  • On or Before 28th July 2020
  • Presentation received aer 28th July will not be considered
  • Disclaimer note on any copy right issues must be uploaded
  • Bonafide cerficate from the Head of the Institution by the parcipant
Important Notes

For more details please contact:
Dr. S Sriram-Coordinator
Ph: +91 9443578064
Mr. Arjun
Ph: +91 85959 26804