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1. What is the scope of Pharm.D Programme?
Pharm.D programme was introduced to create next generation Pharmacist who will have competencies to work in Hospital and clinical settings to be able to provide pharmaceutical care to the patients and support the physician and other health professionals on the safe and effective use of medicines. The said programme and the role of pharmacist in practice is settings is globally accepted and in India this has been introduced with the starting of M.Pharm Pharmacy practice programme in 1995 and the starting of Pharm.D programme in 2008 is one more step in the same direction!

2. A brief note about the subjects in Pharm.D Programme?
The subjects pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical jurisprudence, pharmaceutical chemistry etc are known as the pharmaceutical sciences subjects and serve as the foundation for understanding the physical and Chemical nature of drugs and their effect on humans! The Practice and clinical subjects are taught from the fourth year which will make you feel excited with the role you can play in understanding the disease and also the efficacy of such medications!

3. How about the acceptance of this new role of Pharmacists in Hospital?
As regards to the acceptance of this new role of pharmacists in the hospital amongst other Health professionals it will take a while as this concept is new even for them. We can overcome that only by the sound knowledge and contribution we can make in supporting with our knowledge about medicines and their safe and efficacious use! Remember one thing correctly the pharmacist can only supplement and support the physician but we cannot substitute their role as only they are trained to understand and diagnose a disease or a disorder. Once you have this fundamental clear in your mind you will definitely have the confidence of the physician and other health professionals.

4. Could Pharm.D Internship be done outside India?
As of now the students are expected to do their internship only in approved hospital of the Pharmacy Council of India. The PCI is presently examining that whether a minimum period of two or three months be permitted in a hospital other than the one approved either in India or abroad for speciality training at the discretion of the student. However the policy is yet to be evolved for the same and as soon as the same is approved, the same will be notified on the PCI website www.pic.nic.in

5. Whether Pharm.D Degree would be awarded after 5th year or after 6th year (internship)?
The degree will be awarded only after successful completion of internship.

6. Will provisional licence or document be given after the 5th year to show that one is about to complete his/her degree?
As of now no license is provided after the completion of the 5th year. The Institution may however give a completion certificate if it so desires.

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